Life, eternal

Winter seems to have finally come to Kansai. The mornings are dark and the days grow chillier and chillier. People complain about the dreariness that fills their hearts,  but I finally feel… home.

One day while I worked in a different school Kusatsu, Shiga, my daughter, and wife spent the day exploring the city streets and eventually made it to Lake Biwa, where she shot this photo. When I looked upon it I thought,

“How familiar.”

As I watch my daughter grow the more I fear what parts of me has she inherited. Will she too watch the beauty of a sunrise and instead of wondering at its magnificence, wonder at its sheer loneliness? Will she too smile and laugh with her friends, yet all the while be thinking isn’t it sad that this makes people happy?

Where did my melancholy birth from? How long till it ceases from my line of existence?


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