Long ago

panoramafromishikiriThis photo was my first real foray into documenting my surroundings here in Japan; my first of many panoramic views. I decided upon panoramic views primarily so I could capture as much information of a scene in one photo as possible. My hope was that  I could perhaps, at a later date, use the photo as a reference for illustrating.

A majority, around 99%, of these photos were taken with my ‘flip’ phone’s camera. I don’t have a smartphone, and as my tiny box camera is still much larger than my phone, I ended up just using cell’s camera instead. So all of these panorama’s were done through eyeballing where the next photo should be taken and hoping that I was write. Many times I wasn’t. Later I would stitch them together in Photoshop. As such there instances where the photos display incongruencies. My daughter happens to show up twice in this photo.

(photo taken with a flip phone camera)


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