Word wall

At around 10:30 I check out to catch the train that will carry me through the mountains to Nara and into my daily shackles, to my work, to my dungeon with windows. I suppose I should be grateful that I don’t have to spend my day confined within a cubicle, but instead have a rather spacious room to wallow about in self pity. Still, the room I teach in is none-the-less rather spartan, so quite some time ago I decide to spruce up the walls with some illustration and words.The illustrations went up quick, but the word wall seemed stuck in limbo forever. However, after months of being incomplete, I finally finished it, though its final form is much different than how it began.

As my resources were limited and as this does not pertain to my actual job, the work displayed here is a bit… shoddy. I had no level at my disposal so crookedness may be evident.


What I stare at while my students think of what to say.


A more direct view of the words.


A bad photo to show a detail of the red squares above.


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