Sketch on the train

I spend my commute on the train to and from work either writing, drawing, reading, or thinking, and a bit ago, but not too long ago, I took a try at watercolors. The ones I used were palette paints that my wife has had since, I assume for it is the date on the box, 1999, which she never seemed to use. They are cheap paints produced by Asahi Shinbun(a Japanese newspaper), as a give away gift for their 120th anniversary. So indeed, nothing of high quality, but still a good experiment for me.

The palette has only 9 colors and in comparison to the box is quite small. Along with it are two brushes; one is a black brush pen, and the other is a basic brush, but with an ingenious design feature—you fill the handle with water to use as you paint so whenever you need more water you gently squeeze the handle to let more water through the brush. The black brush pen works in a similar fashion, and instead of water more ink fills the brush.

I drew a series of drawings of people on the train using these brushes and paints on a paper that I highly doubt was made for watercolors. And, as with most of my drawings done of people on the train, I drew these quickly so as to not attract undue attention to my staring. Here is the first.



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