Instructional materials 02


Before some changes at the school I teach at all of my colleagues would teach their lessons through poorly designed Powerpoint slides that consisted of poor font choice, pixelated pic art or photos, and bullet point after bullet point.

While I am sure Powerpoint is a decent software and is capable of more than what most produce through it, I just couldn’t convince myself to take the time to make a slide presentation worth looking at. Perhaps I felt this because the tool with which we displayed our lessons was an interactive whiteboard, which had the capability of sliding across a screen, or image, which in turn offered an intrinsically more interesting experience than just clicking through slides.

My lesson presentations where designed as large .pdf’s that I could zoom in on, then slide through by following a visual path from key point to key point.

Here is one of the key point frames, as I have just dubbed them, within one of my lesson presentations. The point here was for the students to connect the correct words together in a sentence, e.g., Are you a chef? The ‘not’ was left out so as to keep the students from just reading without thinking. The lesson centered around asking each other about one’s profession.


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