Instructional materials

Though I never received any formal training I am, with a bit of reluctance, an English instructor at a for profit private school, with air quotes around school. Perhaps to keep my sanity from slipping any further than it already has, and perhaps to keep my design and illustration skills from deteriorating, and perhaps because I hate the instructional materials provided to us by the headquarters, and perhaps because I hate the teaching materials provided through the books, and perhaps because I loath to use Powerpoint, I make my own.

Here is one on the definite and indefinite articles the and a. The students use the image as a springboard from which to construct their own sentences, e.g., there is a man. The man has a hat on his head, and so on and so forth. The students continue on until they have listed most, if not all, of what is in the illustration. It seems that a simplified image is easier for students to describe than a photographic image. Also, while the students might not appreciate it as much as I do, there is a continuity of visual style throughout the lesson. Not sure if that really matters to language acquisition. Still, it irked me to irrational extremes to see my coworkers’ poor visual presentation of the material covered in class.



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