A chuckle to myself


One day after class I had walked out to the lobby ahead of my students. Down the hall, around the corner, and down the hall again I stopped at the front desk, which was nestled awkwardly in a far corner of the lobby. and waited to bid my students farewell until next time. The school’s two receptionists sat at their computers doing what they did, unaware of my presence. I stood there for a moment before looking back down the hall whence I came. My students were nearing the end of the hall and would soon be visible to the receptionists. I knew what was coming. I smiled to myself and, with a wave of my hand in the fashion of someone introducing and important guest, said:

“Like clockwork.”

A second or so later the students walked into the lobby, to which both receptionist in almost perfect unison said:


I chuckled to myself a sound that none heard, and returned to my room to prepare for the lessons I had later in the day. Humorous to me, indeed, but to others, none have smiled in the least.


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