What we’ve made


Heat. A terrible burning heat. So hot that it melted metal, and turned the street into a flowing river of goop.

Heat punctuated by screams, by pops, by cracklings, by hisses, by boilings, by silence.

Heat birthed from a goop of its own that sprouted flames. Flames that clung to whatever they touched. Flames that engulfed all life in their deathly inferno. Flames that pulled the oxygen out of the air, filled it with poison. Flames that whipped wildly about in gales they created. Flames once on you stuck to you, would not go out. Flames that chewed at you. Devoured you.

It seems as though humanity has spent more of its energies in creating ways to kill each other than in creating a society in which we, as a species, can flourish.


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