Consumer; who we are

IT isn’t what IT is.
IT isn’t what brand IT is.
IT isn’t that IT is sustainable.
IT isn’t that IT will enrich your life.
IT isn’t that IT is something you need or even want.
IT simply is that IT exists, and you are a consumer,
a slave to objects; a cog in a capitalist machine that NEEDS you.
Needs you to want IT along with many more ITs just like IT,
but packaged in a different box,
with a different name and
a different price.

Which means IT
must be better than the
other IT, but it doesn’t actually
matter. You want IT, even before the ad
you saw IT in told you you wanted IT, you wanted IT.
Because that is who you are; Objects. What you own and how
much you own. IT doesn’t matter what IT is, as long as you can have IT
you want IT, whatever IT is.
Like all your other objects,
IT is what makes you.
IT is you. Distinctly,



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